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*quietly drops off more old fic*

so i found this while i was doing a bit of house cleaning in my fic folders. i wrote it for tf_rare_pairing forever ago and completely forgot about it. so, old fic is old, but still fun. ^_^ enjoy!

Title: Respect
Universe: Bayverse
Rating: PG
Characters: Jazz, Soundwave

They had always had an understanding of sorts. A certain respect for each other, based on their respective abilities and functions within their armies. In another time, under different circumstance, they could have likely been friends—or at least very good acquaintances.

They were, however, enemies and that put them at odds with the respect they had for each other.

It was the Autobot who found the Decepticon bleeding out on the plane of an uncharted, previously unknown world, though neither of them had any doubts that the outcome would be the same if the Autobot had been the injured party. Jazz hadn’t known how the Decepticon had accumulated his damage and Soundwave had been too injured to tell him.

He had, to his credit, tried to shove the Autobot away when Jazz began basic field repairs.

Jazz took a moment to restrain the tentacles flailing at him. “Stop. Just let me take care of the worst of it. We both know Megatron won’t leave you behind if you still function.”

Sound wave relaxed a bit at the other mech’s words. Jazz’s words implied that he wouldn’t be taken prisoner by the Autobots.

“Besides, you make my job interesting,” the Autobot added, humor clear in his voice. “Wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without you.”

Nor would Soundwave’s without Jazz.



Mar. 4th, 2011 12:21 pm (UTC)
This is a nice little ficlet but it makes me wonder what Soundwave's reaction was to Megatron tearing Jazz in two.
Mar. 4th, 2011 06:15 pm (UTC)
i don't know, honestly. i never really explored the dynamics beyond this single piece, so this particular head-Soundwave isn't any more developed than this. it was probably a little like this, though:




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