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Jazzwave, superior.

This community may be more or less lacking in a pulse, but that doesn't mean there's no Jazzwave out there for you to enjoy! If you've happened upon a story that features these two, and that got you thinking there might be more out there, well, you're right. There just isn't much, and it's precious hard to find. Therefore, I have grouped all those I can find into one convenient menu for your perusal. The good, the bad, and the sexy - you can find all that is Jazzwave here below.

None of these are listed in any order, though naturally I went to my favorites first. I've included a link to each story, its universe and basic porn labels, a brief description and - because I can editorialize about the sun coming up in the morning - my own unasked-for-opinion on it. The Jazzwave pairing is very near and dear to my heart, and I'll do anything I can to promote its popularity. Browse, click, and read! And if you know of a story out there that somehow escaped my attention, please do let me know.

Fracture Mechanics G1, con/dubcon, sticky. Jazz is critically injured in battle and Prowl rushes him to the Ark's medbay, where Ratchet gets to frantic work. Barely aware of any of this, Jazz drifts through a dreamlike stasis, and when he can finally bring himself to unshutter his optics, he finds himself holding Soundwave's hand. Soundwave who is his sparkmate, and has been for ten vorns, and there was never any war nor Ark nor Prowl. Or was there?

It's a fascinating plot, and the author's done a brilliant job of sewing the seeds of doubt not just in Jazz's mind but ours as well. What's real? This new, peaceful life with Soundwave, or that brutal war he keeps conjuring up every time he has one of his mental 'episodes'? Jazz's own loyalty and sanity are tested to the breaking point, and all the while he struggles to know what's real and what's not, the watchful gaze of his lover Soundwave is on him. A mind-blowing, riveting fic that has me on the edge of my seat. Incomplete as of 12/2010.

Domestication G1, noncon, sticky. Decepticons win the war, and take the surviving Autobots as their personal slaves. Soundwave claims Jazz. It's part of a larger universe of interwoven fics called Stockholm, by the matchless kookaburra1701. Domestication is the story specifically featuring Jazz and Soundwave, but they get occasional scenes in the other stories too, depending on how the plots cross paths, so the whole series bears reading.

Seriously, read it. No, a dystopian Decepticon-ruled future in which the Autobots are relegated to sex slaves is not exactly fun but it's intense and dramatic and frequently hot beyond words. Needless to say, the J/S story is my personal favorite. Soundwave has been nurturing an obsession with Jazz for a long time, and now that Jazz is in his power, he'll stop at nothing to win him over - body, mind, and spark. Jazz, emotionally reeling from the loss of his friends and freedom, resists, but it's not clear how long he'll be able to keep that up. The author updates about once a geological era, but when she does, the chapters are crazy long and never composed solely of filler. Incomplete as of 12/2010.

These Games We Play G1, dub-con, nonsticky. Kink meme story. It's a future in which the Decepticons have won the war, brought Cybertron and Earth under their rule, and enslaved what's left of the Autobot opposition. Off-duty at a nightspot, Soundwave makes the unusual decision to participate in a card game with some other Decepticons, and wins himself a very interesting prize. But according to Jazz, that's just when the game got started. Now master and slave are pitting their wits against one another in a match that will push their minds to the limit and beyond.

Full disclosure: this one's mine. Its similarity to Kookaburra's master/slave fic listed above is completely coincidental; the scenario was put forth by a requester on the meme. I've done my best to avoid any other plot similarities, and K says she likes it, so that's a relief. As a biased party, I won't say here whether I think my own story is good or not, only that I'm very pleased with how it's been going so far and also the readers' reaction. Incomplete as of 12/2010 (and likely to be for a very long time, I'm not half through with this mother.)

Never Gonna Give You Up G1, Non/dub-con, Sticky. Another kink meme flick. When Jazz has the misfortune to be captured by the Decepticons, Soundwave takes him as his personal pet. Jazz is something of an escape artist, though, and keeps managing to squirm out of the cuffs/chains/locked rooms in which Soundwave attempts to keep him. The exasperated Soundwave must keep tracking him down and dragging him back to his quarters before Jazz can get out of the Nemesis - or worse, another Decepticon gets hold of him. As of 12/2010, incomplete.

It'd be a lie to say the plot has much depth, but it is a kink meme story after all. The author wastes no time before delving right into the sticky smuttiness of it all, and boy does Soundwave have some energy to burn. The author hasn't yet gotten very far into the story, but I'm enjoying it so far and look forward to more.

Rhapsody in Black and White AUish G1, Noncon, Sticky. Early in the war, Megatron gets the idea to capture Autobots for forced breeding, so as to swell Decepticon ranks. Jazz is duly picked up, and Soundwave pays a late night visit to his cell. One-shot, complete.

It's a rather brutal, sad rape; Soundwave does not hold back. The writing style is reasonably good, though the AUish aspect of this story is that Soundwave and Jazz have not met before this. In my opinion, this robs the pairing of the chemistry they'd have otherwise, because to Jazz it's just some random stranger Decepticon that's doing this to him. Soundwave, though, has long held an obsession with Jazz's music (a plot point reflected in many Jazzwave stories), and is quite eager to do the deed. Certainly it's worth reading.

Sorrow G1, Consensual. Post-'86 movie, in which Jazz and Soundwave share a brief affair so that they might forget the pain of their dead lovers (Prowl and Shockwave, respectively). One-shot, complete.

There's actually no sex in this, just the post-coital cuddling, and the drama is all in the emotion. It is sad, whether you ship J/P or J/S, because even as Jazz curls up to the warmth of Soundwave's armor and enjoys the low vibrations of his music, all he really wants to do is close his eyes and pretend it's Prowl touching him. But the writing style is fine and Soundwave is touching Jazz sweetly and tenderly, so I like it.

Dead Air AUish G1, Consensual. Skewed canon from the '86 movie onward. In this bleak future, the Matrix disappears along with Hot Rod and Starscream, and what's left of both sides have no choice but to call a truce and search for energy together. One-shot, complete.

I don't much care for depressing glimpses of the future, but the writing style itself is fine. Details are sparse, but it seems Jazz and Soundwave are probably the highest ranking officers left of their respective crews, and it's implied that the two of them are co-leading this merged band of misfits. There's no sex, just comfort cuddling. Worth the five minutes it takes to read.

Congratulations, It's a Mech! AUish G1, consensual. It's either Cybertron pre-war, or an alternate universe Cybertron that never knew war. Jazz and Soundwave use their considerable talents to break into the Vector Sigma chamber for a little unauthorized breeding. No sex, just handholding while they watch a spark latch onto their new creation. One-shot, complete.

Not very exciting from the perspective of one who wants to read some serious romance, but it's pleasant enough and has a cute ending.

Walk Softly G1 (I think?), Non-Romance. To try and summarize this would give away the main thrust of the story, but the fact that it's being listed here makes it pretty obvious who the two main characters are. One-shot, complete.

It's a fairly heartbreaking story, and I don't handle tragedy well. I like happy endings. But if you like an incredibly dark Jazz with no conscience, you'd probably like this. Her writing style is just fine, and the story is done with considerable suspense. (Same author as above.) Jazz, it turns out, has a loyalty for Soundwave that overpowers anything else in his life, even the Autobots who thought themselves his friends.

The Romance No One Saw Coming G1, consensual. An assortment of loosely connected one-shots, I think; the structure is rather vague and the chapters are short. Mostly it involves Jazz and Soundwave indulging in an on-again, off-again romance while fighting on opposite sides of the war. 26 chapters, complete.

The writing was not enough to hold my interest, and I only skimmed through a handful of random chapters. Narrative is lacking in detail and the dialogue is often difficult to understand because it's rarely clear who's speaking. Uses one-word prompts in the 28 meme style to explore different aspects to the relationship, some of which are truly interesting, some less so. I might take another crack at this sometime in the future. She only wrote 26 instead of 28 chapters, but the last one feels like the end and she hasn't updated in two years, so I'm fairly confident it's complete.

Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot. G1, consensual. Soundwave develops an unexpected attraction to the witty Autobot and even more unexpectedly finds it being returned. Soundwave plays the music, Jazz teaches him to dance. One-shot, complete.

It's slightly bland, and pushing suspended disbelief that someone built like Soundwave could (or would) dance. Jazz is more-or-less in character, Soundwave less so. The sex is implied off-screen.

Dare to Kiss G1, Consensual, Non-sticky. Sideswipe and Sunstreaker, being their bratty selves, dare Jazz to kiss a Decepticon. Three guesses who it is. Jazz takes them up on the dare, and winds up getting a lot more than he bargained for, though he isn't exactly arguing. One-shot, complete.

The writing style's a mess. Her grammar is mangled, the dialogue uninspired, and both Jazz and Soundwave are enough out of character that their usual chemistry is ruined. However, her heart is in the right place, and I'm always convinced that young authors can get better. If ff.net had been around when I was 13, I'd probably be no better.

Dare to Obey G1, dubcon, sticky. Sequel to above. (Yes, it's sticky, even though the first one wasn't, don't ask me.) We open with Jazz obsessing about his fling with Soundwave, only to open his inbox and find an email from said 'Con. After luring him out of the base, Soundwave proposes an absurd challenge to Jazz: agree to be his slave for three days, and then he'll do anything Jazz wants. Why Soundwave, an evil Decepticon, doesn't just really capture and enslave Jazz and keep him forever is never addressed. The two of them spend three days in one of Megatron's abandoned topside bases, Jazz dressed in a human maid costume and catering to Soundwave's every perverted whim. Three chapters, complete(?).

From the perspective of a teenage girl seeking to fulfill her every naughty fantasy, this fic doesn't miss much. Whipping, spanking, bondage... you want it, Jazz gets it. It could almost be good raunchy fun, except the author has apparently never seen any TF episode, ever, and has no idea how Soundwave is supposed to speak. His grammatically correct, structurally complete dialogue has me pulling out my hair. And her usual lack of proofreading is very much in evidence. Again - teen author, here's hoping she'll get better. Whether the fic itself is over is not clear. The last chapter ends with Jazz successfully seeing the challenge through, but it cuts off rather abruptly and there's no indication whether the story is actually over. As if we care.

The Quest for the Missing Pin-Up G1, sticky(?). Someone sneaks into Soundwave's room and steals his pin-up poster of Jazz doing a naughty pose. Three chapters, incomplete as of 12/2010.

Yes, it is as ludicrously bad as it sounds. No more comment.

The Music That Plays. AU. Soundwave develops an obsession for Jazz and stalks him night and day. Incomplete as of 1/2011.

When a story opens with author's notes that say, "...and Soundwave has a normal voice and emotions", you know it's going to be bad. Neither 'mech' shows any attempt from the author on accurate characterization, and I put that word in quotes because she seems quite determined to pretend they're human. It is supposedly set on Cybertron, so it is not a Humanized fic, but she does feature Jazz working out regularly in a gym and showing off his 'biceps' to adoring fans. The writing style is nonexistent, characterization shot to hell, and her idea of plot is laughable. The writer's own distaste for gay lifestyles is made abundantly clear throughout Soundwave's shame in stalking a mech of his own 'gender', and though he rapturously watches Jazz in the gym, he "draws the line" at going into the shower room with him. Curiously, though she makes a point of saying there's no war and no rival factions of Autobot and Decepticon, Shockwave and Soundwave still fear Megatron's wrath for their attraction to Jazz.

To sum up: the girl has serious continuity errors and can't write. But she is evidence that the Jazzwave trend is spreading. Guess we gotta take the bad with the good.

Secret's Revealed (sic). G1, sticky, consensual. Soundwave lets himself be talked into defecting from the Decepticons by his former lover Jazz. One-shot.

Like many TF authors, this one thoughtfully provided us with a Legend before beginning the story, ya know, in case we can't figure out on our own that quotation marks mean speech. It's fitting she wrote her examples as Blah: flashback, Blah: lyrics, etc because that's exactly what the entire story is. Blah. Jazz and Soundwave are vaguely in character, though I say vaguely because it's more like they don't do much that's out of character than they do anything that's in it. It could have been any Autobot and Decepticon acting out the same plot. Soundwave encounters Jazz in a battle, and after years of Jazz trying to talk him over to the bots, decides today is the day to agree. He proposes that Jazz pretends to capture him, and Jazz pretends to capture him. Jazz promises Soundwave he'll talk Prime and Prowl into accepting him, and he then he talks Prime and Prowl into accepting him. Something feel weird here? Yeah. The writer is evidently unacquainted with the concept of conflict, or making anything even remotely difficult for the characters to generate interest from the readers. The result is blah, bland storytelling.

BUT it was just published in 12/2010, another seed dropped from the growing Jazzwave oak tree. Beware my metaphors.


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Aug. 9th, 2010 05:41 pm (UTC)
If you won't say anything about your own story, I will! It's awesome! A definite must-read for any Jazzwave fan. :D
Dec. 15th, 2010 07:49 pm (UTC)
You've included every fic I've ever read (and some I hadn't) with Jazz/Soundwave as a romantic pairing. However, if the two as a close non-romantic pairing also interests you, you could read:

Eerian Sadow's Avalonverse(at http://community.livejournal.com/days_in_avalon or http://eerian-sadow.livejournal.com/tag/avalon)

tinypinkmouse's one shot "Walk Softly"(at http://tinypinkmouse.livejournal.com/10058.html#cutid1)
Dec. 15th, 2010 07:55 pm (UTC)
There's a lot of Avalon fic and some of it's incomplete. I suggest starting with http://eerian-sadow.livejournal.com/119629.html#cutid1 and working out from there.
Jan. 2nd, 2011 06:33 pm (UTC)
Thanks for including this other link, because when I started with the first one I was kinda lost! This bear closer reading, but I'll get started. Thank you for the tip, additional reading suggestions were exactly what I was hoping for when I whipped up this post.

I had already read Tiny Pink Mouse's, which was so very tragic, but I believe it qualifies for this comm after all. It's going to be tricky to summarize without giving too much away, but it belongs here. Thank you for reminding me of it.
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